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Active Ageing

We offer a range of Active Ageing classes in our Sefton area.

Tai Chi, walking, cycling and sit and keep fit classes to boost your physical and mental health
Suits all levels, from gentle to more vigorous exercise
Friendly and welcoming group session

It is incredibly important to remain active and take exercise in later life. Older people who don’t do any exercise risk becoming unable to get up out of the chair, or unable to get out of bed in the morning; both of which can lead to being housebound and becoming isolated.

Exercise help your heart to keep strong and healthy, it keeps muscles toned meaning that getting out of a chair, getting dressed, getting out of bed are all possible to do without help. Even better, exercise releases natural endorphins in the brain. Endorphins make us feel happy and relaxed; so people who exercise are less prone to anxiety, depression and stress. Exercise doesn’t have to involve gyms and young, fit people in leotards.

Keeping active can be as simple as doing the gardening, walking the dog or going dancing. It is easy, however as we get older to do less physical activity and give in to the pains and aches that many older people experience. Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton understands that it is hard to get the initial enthusiasm to engage in regular physical activity and so we developed our active ageing sessions to make it as easy, fun and sociable as possible.

We run a range of different active ageing sessions across Sefton each of which provides a friendly group to undertake a variety of health ageing activities

Service contact name:

Active Ageing Team

Phone: 01704 542 993