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MerseySpring CIC

Charity Number: N/A Company Number: 8707805

Our primary aim is to create a collective voice, develop community engagement, involvement and innovation.
To provide Education, Training, Volunteering, Employment opportunities E.T.V.E Exchange information, create transparency, share best practice and promote the principals of asset based community development (ABCD) and Co-production.
Develop expertise and best practice through assessing local needs, including untapped assets and resources.
Practice and promote an ethos of social responsibility and citizenship.
Attract, Engage & Empower the wider community in our vision of Recovery and Community cohesion.
Enable people to develop and sustain their own personal recovery journey. To embrace recovery diversity in all its forms.
Drive to remove social stigma through education, media and training.
To help people affected by substance misuse, Mental health, Crime, Homelessness, Anti-social behaviour, Domestic violence and other barriers to social equality.
To develop employment opportunities through our collective initiative, drive and ambition.
To provide Education and Training with a view toward Volunteering/Employment opportunities. To be accessible to individuals, families and communities as a whole.

Phone: 7985726519
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