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From humble beginnings (a small workshop for refurbishing hand tools and sewing machines for charity) we have become a full-blown community-based company. The drivers behind this evolution have been the need to raise funds, the enterprising efforts of our members and the demands emerging from our local community.

We exist to: provide volunteering and paid work opportunities, especially for younger people; provide a business environment wherein younger members can learn valuable real-world employability, organisational and inter-personal skills; provide a way in which older members can ‘give back’ to their community through a process of skills transfer; support charitable and other community-concerned causes and to play our part in regenerating our town centre. As a Social Enterprise, our dedicated staff of mainly unpaid volunteers (now numbering around 25 and growing) work together as a team to sustain the company in providing the community services it offers, whilst at the same time supporting and collaborating with other like-minded groups and organisations including: The Men’s Sheds Association, Tools with a Mission, up-cycling experts Total Reuse in Skelmersdale and charities such as Macmillan Cancer Research, Combat Stress and AgeUK to name but a few.

Phone: 01704 535123 / 07930 277240