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What is Long COVID?

COVID disease is an infection caused by a corona virus. Long COVID is a term to describe the effects of COVID-19 that continue for weeks or months beyond the initial illness. The health watchdog NICE defines Long COVID as lasting for more than 12 weeks.

Details of how some people are affected by Long COVID are still emerging, but research suggests around one in five people who test positive for COVID-19 have symptoms for five weeks or longer. For around one in ten people, they last 12 weeks or longer.

These long-term effects are often reported by people who didn’t need to go to hospital during the acute phase of COVID. Long COVID symptoms commonly experienced by patients include:

anxiety and depression
chest pains
joint or muscle pain
not being able to think straight or focus (‘brain fog’)
persistent cough
loss of taste or sense of smell.

Referral to the Long COVID clinic is by GP only

To be referred you and your GP will need to confirm it is over 12 weeks since your COVID symptoms started although referrals can be made by your GP at four weeks if clinically appropriate.

We ask that your GP includes a summary of a recent blood test and, if appropriate, chest x-ray results.

Your referral is checked and you will receive notification that it has been accepted. You will be offered a consultation which could take place, for example, by phone, virtually or face to face.

Long COVID clinics

At our clinics, people can be seen by different members of the team. Each patient will have different issues due to their COVID-19 and our aim is for you to see the right people to help you and, meet your needs.

Members of the team you could see on the day of your appointment may include:


Community matron (a very experienced nurse)

Care coordinator (a very experienced health professional who is the team leader)

Social prescriber

Occupational therapist


Each appointment will focus on the different symptoms that you may be experiencing so you may not need to see every member of the Long COVID Team.

The clinic is designed to help people who still have symptoms related to a COVID infection after 12 weeks.

The aim of the clinic is to identify what symptoms a person is experiencing and how this is affecting them day to day. We help them find resources and/or treatments to manage these symptoms effectively so they can rehabilitate to living a fulfilling life.

Is there anything I can do to help myself?

There are many helpful resources available and these can be accessed on our website

Phone: 0151 247 6417