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Merseyside Medical Benevolent Fund

Charity Number: 247161 Company Number: N/A

For many years we were the Liverpool Branch of the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund (RMBF). In 1953 we became the Medical Institution Benevolent Fund Ladies Committee, separate from the RMBF, and we continue to visit our cases and have raised funds locally. However, although we are a separate Fund, we have always remained in close contact with the RMBF and indeed need financial help from them for some of our cases. They also ask us to look after cases of theirs that are local to us.

In 1964 the Medical Institution was incorporated by Royal Charter and this precluded Benevolent Funds unless all members were Institution members. This was not practical for our Committee and a trust deed was drawn up and we became the Merseyside Medical Benevolent Fund. Our work is visiting and supporting members of the Medical profession and their dependents who, for any reason – death, illness etc. – need our support. All our work is done in the strictest confidence.

Financially, we help in the form of gifts for Christmas, summer and fuel needs. Occasionally support has been necessary with young members of families to help them with equipment or books. We have also been able to help our senior citizens with specific needs.
Phone: 01516082228
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