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Autism Initiatives

Charity Number: 702632 Company Number: 2436777

Autism Initiatives UK is an innovative, empowering charity with an acclaimed national reputation leading the way in supporting people with Autistic Spectrum Condition [ASC]. We provide a range of services that are centred on specific needs which is a unique and flexible approach and has contributed to our success.

We offer lifelong opportunities to people addressing areas such as communication, social interaction and flexibility of thought. Services include: children's services, outreach educational support, practice support, short breaks, residential & supported living networks, adult day care, parent support group, training, schools and social enterprises.

Our range of specialist autism services are person-led. No two autistic people are the same and neither are any of our personal plans. We work with each individual and their family to understand what they need, how they work best, and how we can support each person to achieve their own goals.

For many services, spaces are offered as part of the local authority provision for that individual, however in some cases families can pay for provision where needed. Our parent support group and some parent training sessions are free to access.

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